Police Down Under rescue Apple map users

Australian police warn against using Apple Maps, Instagram pulls photos off Twitter, and Valve works on a new video game console.

Monday's CNET Update shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque:


It's no secret that Apple's Maps are bad. But using the app could be hazardous to your health. Australian police had to rescue several people who were stranded in the wilderness after being directed 70 kilometers off-course by Apple's directions on iOS 6. Police have urged residents to use other mapping apps in the meantime.

Today's tech news roundup also looks into the continued drama between Twitter and Instagram . You'll no longer see a photo automatically load inside of a tweet -- you have to click the Instagram link. The services are becoming photo-sharing rivals. Twitter is working on its own tool for adding filters to a photo, and perhaps co-founder Jack Dorsey has been testing such a feature .

Be sure to also keep an eye out for:

- New White House Pinterest page is launching Dec. 17.

- Valve co-founder says the company is working on a living-room gaming system .

- Apple and Google are teaming up to buy Kodak's image patents .

- The Square Wallet app now offers digital gift cards for small businesses.

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