Polaroid plans camera with built-in printer

Company announced that it is engineering a new shooter with an onboard PoGo instant photo printer, and it's soliciting ideas.

Since Polaroid announced its decision to stop production for its instant film, many artists and fanboys have sent out petitions to persuade the company to revive its production line. However, with more and more shutterbugs adopting digital cameras, instant film clearly doesn't have a place in the industry anymore.

Polaroid camera plus printer
Crave Asia

In what looks like a desperate attempt to stay afloat, Polaroid announced that it is engineering a new shooter with an onboard PoGo instant photo printer . But instead of using the conventional 2x3-inch photo paper, the company has decided that it will adopt the more traditional and familiar 4x3-inch media. Tentatively, the camera is slated to be unveiled in 2009.

The company is open to suggestions from photographers on how the new camera should be designed and what features are to be incorporated. This is part of a competition that Polaroid is organizing with Amateur Photographer, and the grand prize is a trip to New York and a VIP pass to the Museum of Modern Art.

I am pretty sure the winner will also receive a camera-printer hybrid device, if it ever makes it past the commercial launch.

(Via Crave Asia)

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