Pogoplug Pro loses pink color, adds Wi-Fi

In the case of the Pogoplug Pro, "Pro" means a muted color and a useful connectivity add all for the same $99 price as its predecessor.

Pogoplug Pro: black, Wi-Fi, $99.
Pogoplug Pro: Wi-Fi a good add. Cloud Engines

Sometimes names can be deceiving. In the case of the Pogoplug Pro, "Pro" really means a very useful added feature for no extra money at all. Cloud Engines' plug-and-play device turns any form of USB storage into a networked drive; it previously required hardwiring via Ethernet, but the Pro version adds 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi for even easier use in a home or office. As before, the Pogoplug Pro retains 4 USB ports for hard drives/flash drives as well as an Ethernet port for those who prefer speed.

Available exclusively at Best Buy, the $99 device is the same price as the last Pogoplug, making your decision a no-brainer. It also loses the frankly hideous pink look that made it resemble an iMac that time-traveled from 1999.

Read our review of the second-generation Pogoplug if you want to learn more, but despite some quirks, the Pogoplug's a pretty versatile device for cloud sharing over computers and smartphones. With varying degrees of success, Pogoplugs can be used across Web browsers, iPhone/Android/Blackberry phones, the iPad, and even the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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