PodWorks copies music from iPhone to Mac; can be used in conjunction with SwapTunes

PodWorks copies music from iPhone to Mac; can be used in conjunction with SwapTunes

Sci-Fi Hi-Fi has updated its Mac OS X application PodWorks (now at version 2.9.2) for compatibility with the iPhone. This means you can now copy tracks directly from the iPhone to your Mac's iTunes library or to any other location on your Mac's hard drive. We gave the program a quick test-spin, and found it to work quickly and easily, precisely as advertised. It immediately recognized the connected iPhone and promptly displayed a full list of music contained therein.

When used in conjunction with the native iPhone application SwapTunes, PodWorks becomes an effective means for moving music from one Mac to another. The process for doing so goes something like this:

  1. Install SwapTunes through Installer.app (see our Installer.app guide for instruction -- SwapTunes will be located under "Utilities")
  2. Run the SwapTunes application from your iPhone to create and switch to a new iTunes library on the device.
  3. Connect your iPhone to another system and sync it, acquiring the second set of iTunes media.
  4. Connect the iPhone to your original Mac with PodWorks, and copy any desired tracks from the newly created library using the tool.

PodWorks is $8 shareware with a 30-day, limited-functionality trial period.

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