Podcast: Turn any external drive into a NAS drive

Cloud Engines' Pogoplug plugs into your router and external hard drive to allow you to access files from anywhere in the world and share them with others.

LAS VEGAS--Network-attached storage for the home has been around for a while. It typically consists of an external disk drive surrounded by technology to connect it to a router so it can be accessed anywhere on your network or, via the Internet, from anywhere in the world. At the Consumer Electronics Show here, Daniel Putterman of Cloud Engines showed off a new device that allows you to inexpensively turn any external drive into a network-attached drive.

The $79 Pogoplug is a small plastic box with an Ethernet plug for your router and a USB plug for an external drive. With it, you can access files anywhere in the home or, through a password protected Web site, anywhere in the world. You can also use the device to share files with others.

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