Podcast: Microsoft and Yahoo VPs explain the deal

A couple of hours after the companies announced their long awaited partnership, CNET's Larry Magid speaks with Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi and Yahoo's Hilary Schneider. Here's the entire interview.

Barring any unlikely interference from regulators, the Microsoft-Yahoo relationship is a done deal. It's a "comprehensive search deal" said Yahoo Executive Vice President Hilary Schneider in a recorded interview (listen below) that "provides an improved search experience for consumers," taking the rich technology of both companies and "bringing them together in an integrated search platform."

For Microsoft, according to the company's Senior VP Yusuf Mehdi, the deal "created a lot of value in terms of cost savings and increased revenue opportunities. This creates a lot of new value for each of us," he said in the joint interview.

Listen to Larry Magid's conversation with Microsoft's Yusuf Medhi and Yahoo's Hilary Schneider.


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