PND-K3 kicks off new look for Alpine's GPS line

Apline Electronics announces the immediate availability of the Alpine PND-K3 GPS and hands-free Bluetooth system.

Alpine PND-K3

Alpine Electronics has made a name for itself with its in-car audio/video and speaker solutions, but when it comes to portable navigation devices, the company has a little ways to go. However, it's hoping that will change with the new Alpine PND-K3.

The in-car GPS sports sleeker design than the company's previous PND, the Alpine BlackBird II, and features new map visuals and an updated user interface. The PND-K3 also comes preloaded with Navteq maps of the United States and Canada, text-to-speech functionality, and integrated Bluetooth for hands-free calling.

Other notable features include a 4.3-inch touch screen, 6 million points of interest, customizable map and menu colors, and an SD expansion slot. The Alpine PND-K3 is available now for about $550. We'll be getting a review unit soon so check back for our full review.

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