Please don't throw away the basket

Burger Baskets & Liners make for charming outdoor eating.

Perfect for burgers and fries. Sur La Table

Short of visiting every drive-in and independent fast-food joint within a 50-mile radius of your house, I am not quite sure how you could amass a collection of those iconic food-serving baskets. Sure you could order from a restaurant supply store, but do you really need a case of baskets? Probably not. It might be in your best interest to forgo the swiping of restaurant-related accessories, and just pick up your own small batch of Burger Baskets & Liners via Sur La Table.

Now that we are officially in the grilling season, we are all going to spend more time outside with our fancy grills and specialized accessories. It might be appropriate to add some old-timey charm to serve alongside all those shiny and modern outdoor appliances. If you're of the mind to go back to basics, you can't get much more basic than a burger in a basket.

The baskets are sold in sets of six, while the liners come 24 to a pack. The checkerboard patterned basket liners perfectly complement the baskets and come in three colors: red, blue and yellow. The baskets are, of course, reusable, and they are dishwasher safe. These baskets are an easy way to add a splash of color to your outdoor meal, and your local restaurant owners will appreciate an end to the mysteriously disappearing baskets.

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