Plaxo Pulse friend request e-mails look oddly familiar

A comparison between Plaxo Pulse and Facebook friend requests reveals that they are almost identical--but not quite word-for-word enough to cause a real stir.

This evening I received my first e-mail from Plaxo's new Pulse social networking service, which it launched today . What had surprised me the most about Plaxo initially was how it was far more different from social networking's queen bee, Facebook, than I'd expected it would be--in fact, it reminded me much more of fellow nascent service Pownce.

But then I got that friend, er, business contact request in my Gmail inbox. Here's a screenshot:

It looked pretty darn familiar--it looked just like the equivalent e-mails that Facebook sends when other members have requested to add you as friends (for Plaxo, you can be a "business contact," "friend," or "family." Here, for comparison, is a Facebook contact request:

Significant? Scandalous? Not really, since the text is pretty standard and stripped-down and no phrases are ripped off word-for-word. But I suppose if Facebook's friend request e-mail format is worth imitating, it must be pretty effective. Really, though, couldn't Plaxo have at least used a word other than "team?"

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