Plant-powered breathing apparatus for a dystopian future

Designer Chiu Chih created an artistic version of an air tank using a plant as a filter and oxygen generator. It's ready for a post-apocalyptic world.

Plant breathing apparatus
A breath of fresh plants. Chiu Chih

Designer Chiu Chih imagines a possible future where our cities have fallen into disrepair and the air is poisoned. In this wasteland, a woman wanders through the rubble, breathing with the help of a companion plant.

The project, titled "Voyage on the planet," consists of a clear box worn like a backpack. Two breathing tubes connect a face mask to the box. Inside, the box holds a potted plant, acting like a portable filter.

This is not a functional device so much as an artistic statement about how humans adapt to survive in the damaged environments of their own making.

The design looks ripe for a steampunk interpretation adding goggles and other matching gear into the mix, but there's a certain beauty to the simplicity of the creation as it is, without a lot of distracting doodads. It's like having a wearable terrarium.

The project showed up through DesignBoom's DIY submissions from readers. Details on the creator are almost nonexistent. Perhaps this is the start of a fascinating series of designs for a post-apocalyptic society. We'll keep an eye out.

Plant breathing apparatus
Placing the plant for Chiu Chih's breathing apparatus. Chiu Chih
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