Place your bets

Guesses on Apple's announcements today.

Here's the Macalope's take on what will get announced in about an hour (hey, it's at least as useful information as predicting touch-screen iPods 20 months early).

New iPods and iPod nanos, naturally, both based on OS X. Yes, the iPods will be touch-screen and video will be added to the nano, which will retain its scroll wheel. The brown and furry one thinks it would be a shame if Apple totally forgoes larger capacities for an all-flash lineup, but that does make design much easier. Perhaps one big honkin' non-OS X hard drive-based iPod will remain.

The Macalope's going to buck the consensus guess and say they won't be wi-fi enabled. He'll be happy to be proved wrong.

Oh, and Beatles music on the iTunes Store. The horned one's just going to keep throwing that one out there until it happens. If Think Secret can do it with the "true" video iPod...

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