Pizza on the grill

The Mario Batali Chianti Pizza Stone offers the smoky flavor only available from putting your pizza on the grill.

The Mario Batali Chianti Pizza Stone Sur la Table

A pizza stone can make all the difference in the world when it comes to just what your pizza will taste like, and the Mario Batali Chianti Pizza Stone can take that flavor a step further. It takes pizza out of the oven and on to the grill. The 14-inch pizza stone sits on a red enameled cast iron frame, which in turn sits on your grill. Your pizza is far enough away from the flames that it's safe, but not so far that it doesn't get the full effect of the flame. This combines for a crunch and flavor in your pizza crust that is hard to match. There's even a lip on the back of the frame, which prevents a pizza from sliding off the stone and into the fire when you're trying to slide a paddle underneath it.

If you have a fondness for flatbreads, the Mario Batali Chianti Pizza Stone offers a chance to keep the traditional flavors associated with naan and other flat bread, by letting you cook it over an open flame. The smoke can make all the difference in the richness of flat bread's flavor. The pizza stone is safe for temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It's priced at $100.

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