Pinterest: Now with executive drama!

Departure of co-founder Paul Sciarra will likely take attention off the site's torrent growth.

When a startup is hot, there's often drama -- and now the startup world wants to know what exactly is going on at Pinterest, the virtual pinboard site that has quickly become a phenomenon.

One of the company's three co-founders, Paul Sciarra, is on his way out of the company, according to Startup Grind. There is speculation that Sciarra will join a venture capital firm.

What's it mean for millions of Pinterest fans? Most like, not a thing.

The man who's the public face of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, will now officially become the CEO, and the third co-founder, Evan Sharp, is still in place. Sharp is the man who gets credit for the site's compelling design, which is influencing the look of sites across the Web .

By the end of 2011, Pinterest had become a top-10 social destination , and site saw its unique visits jump 52 percent from January to February alone -- to a total of 17.7 million.

The company has raised $35.7 million from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz and Ron Conway, and it seems so firmly on track that any executive drama -- if that's what's going on -- is unlikely to derail it. A bigger issue may be its challenges with copyrighted images and content that people are freely pinning from around the Web.

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