Pillow Tie lets Dad nap away your inheritence

Father's Day idea: a necktie and a pillow all in one.

Pillow Tie's tagline: "Because most functions that require a necktie...deserve to be slept through." Pillowtie.com

Father's Day is coming up Sunday and I've been trying not to do a "perfect gift for dads and grads!" post of any kind because ubiquitous rhymes make me want to shoot small, cute things in their small, cute faces. But then I came across the Pillow Tie on Geekologie, and it makes me wish I was a dad or a grad so someone would buy me one.

It's an inflatable microfiber/silk-blend necktie that goes for about $20, and that's about all. But that's all it has to be, as a simple task needs a simple solution. And in this case the task is taking a comfortable nap whenever and wherever possible. The Pillow Tie holds up to 25 pounds, which sounds like a pretty big noggin'.

And the thing even looks good, and that's because there are dozens of styles and colors to choose from, which takes it from being a novelty to being a functional fashion piece, which I approve of. If I had one of these, I'd wear it to my next court date. That judge is slow, man. Slow.

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