Pies to fit pockets

You can fill pocket pies with your favorite flavors with the Heart and Star Pocket Pie Molds.

The Heart and Star Pocket Pie Molds Williams-Sonoma

A pocket pie can be a delicious dessert or a wonderful meal, depending on the filling. As long as you have a good pie mold, like the Heart and Star Pocket Pie Molds, you can choose the perfect sweet and savory fillings. Making the pie is just a matter of placing dough in the mold, then adding some filling and another layer of dough. Then just close the mold to crimp the dough edges closed and bake your pie. There are a few shortcuts--store-bought dough or deep-fried pies are popular choices--and they're all equally tasty. The Heart and Star Pocket Pie Molds take your baking one step further: your pocket pies will come out shaped like hearts and stars, and ready to eat at home or on the go. The molds even cut the vents necessary to properly bake many pocket pie recipes.

The Heart and Star Pocket Pie Molds come in a set of two, along with a recipe that will get you started making pocket pies. They're each 5.5 inches by 4.5 inches by 2 inches. The set is priced at $17. You can also purchase the heart and star molds separately, at $9.95 each.

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