Pictures of innovation: A visual journey through 2013

From NASA's Cassini to Google Glass to Amazon Prime Air, here's the story of 2013, told through images.

Startled frog photobombs Minotaur 5 rocketIn a viral photograph, a Virginia frog has been caught taking one giant leap for amphibian kind. Chris Perry/NASA
True to its transformative nature, technology took many forms in 2013. Putting together the best in technology photos of the year can be difficult. There are dramatic moments, geeky revelry, scientific discoveries, deep space exploration, and moments of zen.

We've chosen these images for their impact -- they all represent a new way of looking at the world. From NASA's Cassini to Google Glass to Amazon Prime Air, these pictures help tell the story of technology in 2013. Enjoy.
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James Martin is the staff photographer at CNET News, covering the geeks and gadgets of Silicon Valley. When he's not live-blogging the latest product launches from Apple, Google, or Facebook, James can be found exploring NASA, probing robotics labs, and getting behind-the-scenes with some of the Bay Area's most innovative thinkers.


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