Photos: The Little Professor MP3 player

A slide show of Donald Bell's DIY MP3 player project using the Teuthis and Make Magazine Daisy kit and a Little Professor game from Texas Instruments.

Photo of Daisy MP3 player encased in Texas Instruments Little Professor game.
My Little Professor MP3 player eats iPhones for breakfast. Donald Bell / CNET Networks

I've been threatening to make my own MP3 player for a few months now, but after meeting with a group called Teuthis at this year's Maker Faire, I finally caved in and bought the Daisy DIY MP3 player kit. I mean, how am I supposed to objectively rate MP3 players for CNET if I haven't made one myself?

So here's a 16-slide photo gallery of the whole construction--starting with the bare board and ending with the final product. There's also a little time-lapse video footage of the construction in this week's Crave vodcast.

The Little Professor has so much geek sex appeal that I'm reluctant to take him out in public for fear of being mobbed by nerd-loving hotties. Still, if this were an actual consumer product, I'd probably rate him about a four simply because he's a bit impractical and light on features. To be fair, the Daisy is meant more as a flexible sound module for kiosks and maker projects than as a basic MP3 player. I'm only tapping into about a tenth of the potential in this kit.

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