Photos: Nokia's vision of the future

Want to know what products Nokia is planning to unleash on an unsuspecting world in the dystopian future? Have a look at these photos to get the bigger picture

Over the past couple of days Crave had the privilege of visiting Nokia's R&D facility in Oulu, Finland. The event was entitled the 'The Way We Live Next' and hosted by the likes of Tero Ojanpera, executive vice president and chief technlogy officer, and Petteri Alinikula, vice president, head of core technology centres.

Among a plethora of cool futureware, one of the first things that caught our eye was a quick demo of Nokia's iPhone-alike, running the brand new S60 Touch user interface. These pictures first appeared last week at the Symbian Smartphone Show, but we got a better look at it this time round. Click through for more images. -Andrew Lim

The major difference between the S60 Touch user interface and the iPhone is that there'll be multiple ways to interact with it, including a stylus for handwriting recognition that will be particularly popular in Asia, and a full slide-out Qwerty or standard keypad for anyone who tires of tapping a screen.

Similar to the iPhone, a Nokia touchscreen-based phone will also sense which way you're holding it up and let you view content in portrait or landscape mode.

This was a very exciting project that lets you take photos of foreign words with your phone's camera and then the built-in app translates the text into your own language. It's still in the development phase, but we hope to see it soon on Nokia handsets.

This is another photo-based development project that lets you identify objects by simply pointing your camera at them. This would be fantastic in shops, for example, where you could get information on products by just pointing at them with your camera phone.

If you've ever wondered what kind of cool stuff you could do with your Nokia Internet tablet, then I'm sure turning it into a dog didn't come to mind. Interestingly, these dogs, which moved around and barked, were thought up by gifted children at a school Nokia sponsors. For a closer look at the Nokia puppy take a look at this video.

Ever wanted to control your home's appliances with your mobile phone? Well, a developer at Nokia has come up with a mobile app that alongside a few bits of relatively inexpensive hardware lets you control things such as your heating, a Web cam and turn on and off anything plugged into a plug socket using a special adapter.

Creating a better and more environmentally friendly energy source is something Nokia takes very seriously. These are some of the avenues it's looking at to replace current battery technology, but as senior research engineer Sara Tasa pointed out, this is a complex issue that will take time to solve.

This is Nokia's office in Second Life that allows you to contact people on their real mobile phones using a giant virtual handset. It's essentially a different way of letting people see Nokia products in a 3D environment. And do Dom Joly impressions.

According to Nokia, WidSets and Widgets are something to watch out for. Rather than having to look for content such as weather updates on a Web browser, you can easily access it via a Widset or Widget.

Here's a brief summary of what Nokia thinks is going to happen in the future and we totally agree. Fingers crossed, we'll see a lot more Internet-centric devices in the near future.


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