Photos: MyVu Personal Media Viewer

Associate editor Jasmine France, queen of the ridiculous wearable gadget, models the MyVu Personal Media Viewer, video glasses for the iPod.

It's really hard to keep a straight face with these things on. CNET Networks/Corinne Schulze

The future hath arrived. Tech enthusiasts have long theorized that video players in the form of glasses were imminent, and it was only a year ago that some of the first models started to hit the market. Now, the category is in full swing, with plenty of versions of the device made specifically for the video iPod. One of them is the MyVu Personal Media Viewer (PMV), a rather ridiculous-looking $299 accessory. Naturally, due to these glasses' ability to make the wearer look uncannily like Geordi La Forge, I had to get them and put them on for all to see. As we well know, when it comes to absurd wearable gadgets, I am the queen. Click on the photo at right for more detailed pics of the MyVu PMV, or head straight to the review.

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    Since 2003, Jasmine France has worked at CNET covering everything from scanners to keyboards to GPS devices to MP3 players. She currently cohosts the Crave podcast and spends the majority of her time testing headphones, music software, and mobile apps.



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