Photos: LG Trax

Photos: LG Trax.

The LG Trax is metallic and shiny, with a strange touchpad.
The LG Trax is metallic and shiny, with a strange external touchpad. Corinne Schulz/CNET Networks

The LG Trax is the latest HSDPA phone to cushion AT&T's lineup of high-speed devices. It supports AT&T's new video calling service, Video Share, as well as all the other AT&T broadband services like AT&T Music and AT&T's Cellular Video. The rest of its features are pretty decent as well, like a 1.3-megapixel camera, a music player, stereo Bluetooth, and quad-band support. The external screen has a mirrored surface when the phone is inactive, and there's a strange-looking touch-sensitive strip underneath it that acts as the phone's music controls. As you'll note in our review, we weren't big fans of this cramped touchpad, and the keypad didn't earn high marks either. But enough from me, take a look at the photo gallery and the review to decide for yourself.

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