Photos: Hands-on with new TVs from Sony

After Sony had finished its press conference we were dispatched to go and touch the new TVs, and what we saw made us happy, which is a first for IFA

As we mentioned previously , Sony is having a good year with cool new products. After its IFA press conference we took a quick look around its booth and snapped some of the new Bravia TVs expected to be delivered by Santa this Christmas.

The most interesting product is the ZX1, a 9.9mm thick LED 'backlit' LCD TV, which takes a new approach to TV design, and means that there's plenty of scope to reduce the depth of the TV. This is achieved by having the backlight at the side and using some clever and top-secret jiggery pokery to diffuse and distribute the light.

The announcement that Sony would be producing a 'Motionflow' 200Hz television in the near future, called the Z4500, was an interesting one too. Here in Berlin there's a huge and mysterious advert on the side of the Sony Centre claiming that 'everything would be clear'. In reality, we don't see much of an advantage to 200Hz over 100Hz, especially given the magic number is 120Hz anyway -- because this is the rate to properly do 5:5 pulldown.

Sony managed to get a good reception here at IFA, and even some laughter over its new Starship Troopers Blu-ray, but that's a story for another time. Click through for pics of the new Bravia goodness. -Ian Morris

We couldn't wait to see the ZX1 for ourselves, and we weren't disappointed in the least.

You can see how thin this TV is -- we've seen screens that are fractionally smaller at other shows, but the difference is that Sony promises this TV will be available to buy this December. Remarkable.

Obviously, a thin TV doesn't have much room for speakers, so Sony has integrated them into the stand. Cunning. Of course, there are no inputs to speak of, but this will all be done via a break-out box.

Showing you a photo of a 200Hz display is like showing a painting of a glass of water to a thirsty person and expecting it to quench their thirst. We were impressed by the demonstration of the Z4500, but you'll notice Sony is comparing it to a 50Hz TV here, which we think is a bit of a cheek -- and might hint at the technological advance over 100Hz not being that spectacular.

The Z4500 isn't a radical-looking TV otherwise. Indeed, it appears to be essentially the same as the excellent 40W4000 .


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