Photo gallery: Palm Pre screenshots

Check out CNET's hands-on photo gallery of the Palm Pre and the Palm webOS.

Palm Pre
Palm Pre Corinne Schulze/CNET

If you've been following the Palm Pre at all, you probably know that there are some concerns about the smartphone's design (check out hands-on photos here), particularly the QWERTY keyboard and plastic build.

The latter wasn't much of an issue for us, since we thought it had a pretty solid construction. However, we'll admit that the keyboard isn't great. On the one hand, we're thrilled with the inclusion of a physical keyboard, but the buttons are tiny and there's very little spacing between them. For some, it might be a deal breaker; for others, you'll learn to adjust and use the keyboard.

That said, the real beauty of the Palm Pre lies beneath the surface. Palm has built a solid platform in its webOS and created a system that offers great multitasking abilities, well-integrated features, and smart information management. To give you a closer look at the OS, we took these screenshots from our review unit of the Palm Pre so you can check out some of the smartphone's highlights, including the Deck of Cards feature, Universal Search, and Pandora.

See them all here in our Palm Pre screenshots gallery.

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