Philips plasma with 2,200 diamonds

DeBeers helps celebrate 1 million 'Ambilight' TVs

Finally, a TV that even Zsa Zsa Gabor would like.

To celebrate shipping 1 million of its "Ambilight" TVs, Philips took the millionth one of the line and inserted 2,200 diamonds from the DeBeers Company into the bezel. Ambilight, which adjusts the TV light level to suit the room, has been one of the more successful technologies in consumer electronics in the past few years for the Dutch giant.

The diamonds are swirled in the white part of the bezel. Plasma TVs of this size weigh about 300 pounds, and the Philips booth is located deep in the central hall of the convention center, so thievery is probably out. But the aged security guard was a nice touch anyway.

Philips is also showing off a plasma encased in a sheet of glass. That's the other picture. Neither TV is for sale.

Philips in some ways is the odd company out here at CES. Most of the other big booth holders come from China, Japan or South Korea. Philips is the largest European. But they serve better coffee than most of the other booths.

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