Philips GoGear Spark MP3 player review: adorable and affordable

CNET's Donald Bell offers his full review of the small, affordable GoGear Spark MP3 player from Philips.

photo of the Philips GoGear Spark MP3 player
The 1.5-inch color screen on the Spark gives it an edge over the competition. Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

The GoGear Spark is the first MP3 player we've seen from Philips in years that isn't a study in mediocrity. In fact, the little Oreo cookie-size MP3 player is downright adorable, and a decent bargain at $49 (2GB) or $59 (4GB).

The Spark includes a music player (MP3, WMA), photo viewer, FM radio, and voice recorder. In light of its size and price tag, however, the Spark's most unique feature is its 1.5-inch color screen--an asset dearly lacking from competitors such as the iPod Shuffle or Sansa Clip. The Spark also uses a unique pressure-sensitive screen for navigation, similar to the Iriver Clix.

To find out more, read the full review of the Philips GoGear Spark MP3 player.

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