Philips gets bitten by Swarovski bug

Crystals taking over the world

The 'Lock Out' Gadget Candy

It's been nearly a week (gasp) since our last post on a Swarovski-encrusted item , and we don't want to be as irresponsible as we were with our recent lapse in pink products . Crave collegue Caroline McCarthy was quick to scold us for the latter transgression.

So to fulfill our bling-laden obligation, we offer the "Active Crystals" line of fashion USB keys from Philips. Gadget Candy says there are four models: "Heart Ware, Heart Beat, Lock In and Lock Out"--the first two designed as pendants, the last two as keychain attachments. Each stores a password-protected 1GB of data.

There. And we didn't even mention Paris Hilton . Well, almost.

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