Philips Fidelio SoundRing iPod dock has AirPlay, big hole

It may resemble a Krispy Kreme, but this is an AirPlay-enabled speaker dock you stream tunes to. You doughnut even have to plug in your player. Sorry.

Remember the Dyson Air Multiplier ? The bladeless fan that was low on buffeting but high on price? Philips has announced a speaker dock that looks a little like it, though the Fidelio SoundRing is closer to a doughnut than the Air Multiplier ever was.

And if you're looking at it thinking, "Where do I dock my iPod ?" the answer is you don't. It uses AirPlay, Apple's streaming technology to fire tunes through the air from your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad right to the speaker. The only way you can plug in to this is by using an aux in, though the benefit is you can play non-Apple MP3 players through it.

It's available in two models: the DS3880W (pictured) comes with a rechargeable battery and charging cradle to stand it on, so once it's juiced up you can carry it and enjoy your music anywhere you like for the 5-hour battery span. The DS8800W is the same speaker, just without the rechargeable battery, so you'll have to keep it plugged in to the mains. And because the latter doesn't have a stand, it looks just like a tyre propped up.

Inside both speakers you've got a central bass sound pipe and four high-definition drivers -- two firing sound out the front, one to each side, so the music should have no problem filling your room. There's also a free Fidelio app to download, which will bring together radio stations, the ability to share what you're listening to via Facebook and Twitter, and it can set music to come on as an alarm. Sweet.

So, what to listen to on your doughnut-shaped speaker? The Jam? Sugababes? Let us know your suggestions on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.

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