Pharos GPS Phone gets official

Pharos announces official availability of its Pharos GPS Phone 600 and 600E.

Pharos GPS Phone
Pharos GPS Phone Pharos

Today, Pharos announced the official availability of its Pharos GPS Phone, which we covered back in January. You'll have a choice of two flavors: the Pharos GPS Phone 600 ($699.95) and the Pharos GPS Phone 600E ($599.95). The difference between the two is that the 600 ships with maps of the North America and Pharos' Ostia Navigation, while the 600E does not. Umm, we'll wait till we've finished our official road tests to give the final verdict on the Pharos GPS phone, but as I said in my earlier blog, I just can't imagine paying that much for either device. Without the mapping software, what's the draw of the 600E? And what's going to compel me to buy the 600 when I can get similar features on the HP iPaq hw6925 for about $300 less? Plus, even if I was going to plunk down that kind of dough, I'd probably go after the hot little Nokia N95. But who knows? Maybe the Pharos GPS Phone will knock our socks off. Stay tuned for our full review.

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