Peter Molyneux's Curiosity to end same day as Xbox launch

The centre of the Curiosity cube is predicted to be reached on 21 May, the same day as Microsoft announces their new Xbox.

Curiosity, the artsy cube-tapping app is coming to an end. After six months, Peter Molyneux's curious game is finally reaching its conclusion -- and might just have something to do with the next Xbox.

Developer 22Cans has cut the number of layers in the cube down to 50, as well as adding a timer counting down to 21 May, when it's predicted someone will reach the centre of the cube. This is the same day Microsoft is set to reveal it's next Xbox console , which Molyneux described in an interview with our sister site Gamespot as "a bizarre twist of fate". Coincidence? We shall see.

The cube was initially made up of 69 billion tiny cubes known as 'cubelets'. Players from around the world were tasked with chipping away at, with the player who reaches the centre first receiving its "life changing" contents.

Before 22Cans reduced the number of layers on Tuesday, less than half of the cubelets had been chipped away since the game's launch in November 2012 . At the time of writing, 46 layers of the cube remain. The cut in the number of layers was due to players simply taking too long to break down the cube. "I thought six months was about the length of time that Curiosity should go on before it closed," Molyneux said.

Speaking to Wired UK, Molyneux -- who is famous for the Fable and Black and White series -- said he hasn't even told his wife and children what is at the centre. "I just could not burden them with the knowledge," he said.

Players earn coins by chipping away cubelets, and can buy better tools to add cubelets. You can even use real-world money to buy these items -- for the princely sum of £7, you can remove half a million cubelets from a layer. The game has been downloaded over 5 million times.

Do you think Curiosity holds the meaning of life? Or is simply just another tap-happy freemium mobile game? Let us know in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page.



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