Personal weather station is alien chic

Design looks like a retro sci-fi movie prop.

Oregon Scientific

Anyone who's minimally familiar with personal weather stations knows that Oregon Scientific is obsessed with these devices--which strikes us as somewhat odd, because the weather in Oregon seems fairly predictable compared with other states (rain followed by more rain). Whatever the reason, its crusade has paid off at least where design is concerned.

No longer do home forecasting gadgets look like hospital equipment thanks to the company's efforts to add an aesthetic dimension to its products. As Technabob points out, its latest offering looks more like a retro sci-fi movie prop than something used to guess whether you should bring a sweater to the picnic.

The wireless BAR210 Weather Forecaster has fairly standard meteorological fare, with an atomic clock and color icons for rain, shine, and everything in between. But there's one thing it has over the competition: It would make an ideal bookend to a lava lamp.

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