Peregrine glove for the touchy-feely gamer

Iron Will Innovations is a first-time CES exhibitor, and will be premiering its first consumer electronic product, The Peregrine.

Iron Will Innovations, a small, Canada-based company, has spent the last five years dedicated to the development of something it believes will not only transform the way consumers interact with their computers, but may contribute to military technology as well. This year at CES, Iron Will is exhibiting a technology it calls The Peregrine.

Though WASD keyboard commands come second nature to most gamers, Peregrine is this year's contender in the race to replace the keyboard. Peregrine is an elastic, military-grade glove that can recognize up to 30 customizable hand gestures. Wires are threaded throughout the glove and communicate by user-defined hot spots. For example, touching your index finger and thumb draws your weapon and you're ready to fight.

The pod breaks away quickly, thanks to its magnetic connection.

Ideally, the glove would be wireless, but the Peregrine is wired via a USB-connected pod that attaches to the glove. Because the pod connects to the glove magnetically, users can quickly rip off the pod and switch to keyboard use without removing the glove. It may not be suitable for everyone, but intense gamers worried about sweat will be happy to know the glove's fabric is breathable.

Iron Will Innovations is marketing the glove as a gaming accessory, but the company is also developing the device for military use.

The Peregrine is set to cost $129 and includes a customizable faceplate for those who might want to personalize their pod. At that price, the glove may be best for dedicated gamers, or those looking for a new experience. Such an innovation deserves a hands-on test, so we can't wait to see it in action at CES 2010.

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