Pentax president raves about Leica D-Lux 4

Ned Bunnell's affection for a competitor's shooter garnered some pretty interesting comments from readers.

Bunnell's camera
Ned Bunnell's D-Lux 4 and his Leica rangefinder. Ned Bunnell

Most imaging companies' employees probably wouldn't be caught dead using their competitors' products, but it seems Ned Bunnell, president of Pentax Imaging (USA), thinks otherwise.

On his personal blog, he wrote about how impressed he was with the Leica D-Lux 4 (equivalent to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3), and gave a short, positive review of this shooter. Bunnell commented that the "lens is sharp and distortion seems to be very well controlled."

His affection for a competitor's shooter garnered some pretty interesting comments from readers. Some people are baffled as to why the president of Pentax would be raving about Leica's products when he should be more focused on his company's direction. However, some Netizens think Bunnell is doing an excellent job by looking at the current market and trying to improve on it with future Pentax cameras.

Bunnell posted a separate entry to soothe angry Pentax loyalists who thought he was selling out by publicly announcing his liking for the D-Lux 4. Bunnell stated that his blog is his personal photographic journal, but he has to balance it with his position in Pentax as well. His point of view about the Leica was from a photographer's standpoint, which he thinks is what shutterbugs will want to know. Surely it would appear biased if he slammed every other camera that wasn't a Pentax.

Kudos to Bunnell for being honest. Hopefully, he can integrate some of the useful features found on the D-Lux 4/LX3 in future Pentax cameras.

(Via Crave Asia)


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