Pentagon says it didn't buy 80,000 new BlackBerry phones

Not so fast, BlackBerry investors -- the government now says it did not make any new purchases from the struggling smartphone maker.

The BlackBerry Z30. Sarah Tew/CNET

The government is not going to save BlackBerry with a massive order of 80,000 phones, despite earlier reports that sent the struggling company's stock soaring.

The Department of Defense confirmed to The Verge on Thursday that "absolutely no new orders have been placed for new BB devices." The 80,000 phones mentioned in a January 16 press release -- that, it seems, many of us in the media misread -- was referencing already existing devices.

The press release does indeed say the program "currently supports 1,800 unclassified mobile devices," which includes items like iPads, iPhones, Samsung 10.1 tablets, and Motorola Razr, and "also supports 80,000 BlackBerry phones."

We contacted the Department of Defense for comment and will update if we hear back.

BlackBerry is known to tout its lucrative government contracts. Of course, the company didn't try to correct anyone on this latest faux pas -- one that gave its stock a much-needed boost.

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