Peek at these pixelicious superheroes

Are you a geek in need of some sweet wall art? This portfolio of heroic pixels will surely send you on a trip down memory lane.

Can you name them all? Pahito

It's a bird, it's a's a bunch of pixels?

Superheroes and villains from some of the most beloved comic and sci-fi franchises are the focus of "Pixel Heroes" by artist Pahito.

This elaborate piece features 78 legendary characters immortalized in stylish low-resolution pixel form, arranged in no specific order. It is amusing to see some of my favorite friends and foes from X-Men, Batman, and "Star Wars" in glorious low resolution.

Pixel Heroes is available in various print sizes, ranging from a miniature 8x10-inch portrait, at $22, up to a large 21x28-inch masterpiece, conservatively priced at $45. The collection of caped crusaders and masked marauders is available on hoodies, T-shirts, framed art, stretched canvas, iPhone and iPad cases, and laptop skins (Mac and PC).

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