PCLive.com provides a free security suite

SecurityCoverage, a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, company, dares to compete with security giants Symantec and McAfee for the home desktop market.

PCLive.com, a service offered by SecurityCoverage, is attempting to upstage security giants Symantec and McAfee by offering a complete suite of security tools for your desktop--for free. Included within the basic PCLive Security package is a firewall, the open-source ClamAV antivirus product, antispyware capabilities and a pop-up blocker. What's more, PCLive will take out the trash (clean out old temp files) and check for the latest Microsoft Windows updates that haven't yet been applied to your PC. PCLive will also e-mail you a monthly report of any changes it has made on your computer.

SecurityCoverage offers users of their free PCLive service instant 24-7 technical support for a flat fee of $49.95 per session. That's less than what Symantec and McAfee charge. Short of that, there is a built-in forum link that allows users to surface questions and answers about the product. There's also a limited FAQ available online as well.

For a mere $4.95 a month, PCLive Premium Security includes all the basic PCLive Security along with Web content filtering, parental controls, disk maintenance and 24-7 live technical support.

How does it work? See our hands-on review on Webware.com

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