PC gaming does Cyber Monday: Desktops and laptops

Deals on custom-built and preconfigured boutique gaming PCs.


If you've been eyeing a high-end, hand-built gaming PC, today might be the day to pull the trigger. Here's a selection of the Cyber Monday deals available from the dedicated PC vendors.

Alienware's high-end desktops aren't as competitive as they used to be, but its laptops and budget-price desktops still have some appeal.

You'll find Alienware's best deals on its highest-end hardware. The M14x and M18x laptops, and the Aurora gaming desktop all offer discounts of above $400. The best deal of that bunch is the M14x, with a starting price of $2,767.

On the lower end, Alienware is offering blanket discounts: $200 off anything $1,999 or more, and $100 off anything below that. Arguably the best deal on that end of the price spectrum is the X51 small form factor gaming desktop, which starts at $699. Click here for Alienware's Cyber Monday page.

Digital Storm

Digital Storm
Digital Storm is not the best-known name in custom gaming PCs, but the company has submitted a handful of strong desktops and laptops for review. It's worth stopping by the Digital Storm Web site as you shop around today.

The list above outlines Digital Storm's pricing matrix. It isn't offering those discounts on preconfigured PCs like the Ode, but laptops like the x17, as well as custom-assembled desktops are eligible. Digital Storm's discounts aren't quite as generous as those you'll find from Alienware, coming in around 5 percent off instead of 10 or so, but Digital Storm also does a better job than Alienware of keeping its components current. Go here for Digital Storm's Cyber Monday page.


Maingear is taking a different approach to Cyber Monday than other vendors. Rather than offering discounted pricing, it's offering highly competitive configurations from its Vybe desktop and Vybe 15 laptop lines, each for $999. The desktop comes with an overclockable Core i5 3570K CPU and a GeForce GTX 660 graphics card. The laptop features a 15-inch screen, a Core i5 3360M chip, and GeForce GT 650M GPU.

On top of those ready-to-order systems, Maingear is also offering free component upgrades on any custom desktop build, including 16GB of Corsair RAM instead of 8GB, and a free graphics card upgrade. Check out Maingear's Cyber Monday deals here.


Founded by refugees of Alienware after its purchase by Dell in 2006, Origin has quickly established itself as a strong player in the boutique PC business.

For Cyber Monday, Origin has three promotional tiers. For its lower-end Eon 11 and Eon 15 laptops, as well as its Chronos and Official IPL desktops, you get a free Corsair Neutron 120GB solid-state hard drive, as well as free GPU overclocking.

As with Alienware, the deals get better as you spend more, ramping up to $416 worth of extras, including a free copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 on its Eon 17SLX laptops and Genesis Genesis Pro desktops. See the full list of Origin's Cyber Monday deals here.

Velocity Micro
Custom PC stalwart Velocity Micro has a comprehensive set of discounts focused primarily on its desktops. Most of the deals come in around 15 percent off, along with free shipping, as you'll find with the Editors' Choice-winning Edge Z55. A few other desktop systems get free parts upgrades.

The one laptop deal offers $50 off and free shipping for the NoteMagix M15 gaming laptop. The company also lists the Nvidia-sponsored offer for a free copy of Assassin's Creed III with the purchase of any GeForce GTX 600-level graphics card. Click here for the complete list of Velocity Micro's Cyber Monday discounts.

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