PBwiki goes mobile on iPhone, BlackBerry

Wiki-hosting company announces a mobile-optimized Web site for BlackBerry and iPhone that enables most activities you can do from the desktop.

PBWiki from iPhone
A PBWiki, as viewed from the iPhone.

PBwiki on Tuesday announced the mobile optimization of its hosted wiki service for its Professional and Professional Plus Edition subscription clients.

PBwiki, which hosts, among other wiki services, Twitter's API docs, FedEx's marketing extranet, and the BarCamp wiki, has now made its wiki interface more readable, when surfed to from the browser of an Apple iPhone or Research In Motion BlackBerry.

PBwiki's Mobile Edition lets visitors to PBwiki's Web site participate most of ways from the field as they can from the desktop, with the exception of editing an existing page. It's a shame that PBwiki doesn't yet enable what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing to pre-existing pages, but the company says that pretty big hurdle could disappear in the future.

Road warriors can, however, view and search pages, leave comments, and create new pages. The latter isn't any more elegant than note jotting, but for mobile workers, getting the idea down first, and formatting it later from a desktop or laptop computer, will be better than nothing. In addition to viewing files, BlackBerry users will also be able to download files to the phone's local or external storage card.

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