Pavlov would have loved this clock

Whether you have OCD or are a masochist, this is the alarm for you.

American Innovative

If we get one of these alarm clocks for Christmas, we're planning to send our doctor bills to the manufacturer because it'll surely be to blame for higher stress levels and the ill affects associated with them. The reason: The "Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock" not only wakes you up but also delivers Pavlovian reminders for various tasks from its programmable "Daily Reminder" log seven times a day.

The clock has other ways to keep your OCD tendencies in top shape, such as different alarm times for the weekends and his-and-her schedules. We've seen those kinds of features in other models, but the Neverlate Executive takes them to a sadistically new level. It's right up there with that "Ambient Clock" that tells how late you are, rather than just the time.

And isn't it misleading to call this an "executive" clock? If one has achieved such status, we think he or she deserves the right to roll out of bed late on occasion, perhaps with a gentle salutation from an English butler. Otherwise, you might as well get a shock clock.

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