'Paperclip of the new millennium'

If you're tired of lengthy cords cluttering up your desk or floor, you might find some solace in the Cableyoyo, an ultra-thin cord management device with a thick mission: reining in the cable chaos.

Credit: Cableyoyo

The Cableyoyo evenly spools cords up to 6 feet long (and less than a quarter of an inch in diameter) within a streamlined case that tucks handily into small spaces. The flat spiral also protects the condition of the wire, so it's straight and manageable when needed for use. Use it in stationary products or on the go.

Cableyoyo was created by California designer Dominic Symons of BlueLounge Design. Earlier this year, the product beat out nearly 8,000 entries to become a finalist in Yahoo's Think Big Contest, which is juried by Sir Richard Branson.

The product--dubbed by some buyers as the "paperclip of the new millennium"--comes in black, white and silver. It sells for $4.99, which seems like a reasonable price for neat freaks to pay while waiting for the dawn of a wireless-only world.

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