Pantech launches dual-LCD slider phone

Pantech launches dual-LCD slider phone

Pantech IM-R200
Pantech IM-R200 Pantech

Pantech just announced the IM-R200, a slider phone that comes with two LCDs--one is the primary display, and the other is an OLED touch-sensitive screen that acts as the phone's keypad. In order to provide tactile feedback, the touch pad has microvibrations to let you know when a key has been pressed. The reasoning behind the virtual keypad is that the phone has separate virtual interfaces for different functions, such as for the camera or the music player. For example, when you activate the music player, the interface of the touch pad changes to a list of songs and a player-control interface. Other features of the phone include a 2-megapixel VGA camera, face recognition software, and a document viewer. It's only going to be available in Korea via SK Telecom and KTF so far, but we're hoping we might get a chance to try it out soon.

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