Pantech Aladdin is yet another AT&T messenger

The Pantech Aladdin has a number keypad on the front, making it look like a candy-bar phone, but it actually hides a slide-down QWERTY keyboard for messaging.

Pantech Aladdin
The sneaky Pantech Aladdin is hiding a slide-down keyboard. AT&T by way of Engadget Mobile

Pantech seems to have a thing for slider phones, if the Matrix, Matrix Pro, and the Helio Ocean 2 are any indication. The latest Pantech Aladdin continues that trend with a candy-bar form factor and a number keypad that actually hides a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Unlike its other slider handsets, though, this QWERTY keyboard slides downward instead of sideways.

Other features of the Aladdin include threaded SMS conversations, a 1.3-megapixel camera, A-GPS, stereo Bluetooth, and 3G. The Aladdin is slated to come out later this year (by the end of summer, it seems), but there's no real confirmation yet.

(Via Engadget Mobile)

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