Panasonic joins LG's Smart TV Alliance

LG has announced that Panasonic has joined the Smart TV Alliance, which aims to create an industry-standard smart TV platform.


LAS VEGAS--Panasonic has joined LG's Smart TV Alliance, which was set up to develop and use a single connected platform for televisions from 2013 onward.

The Smart TV alliance was announced by LG in June 2012 in conjunction with Philips (TP Vision), but it has now grown to include Toshiba, Panasonic, and chipmakers such as Qualcomm and IBM.

LG's Smart TV interface is arguably one of the best on the market, and this agreement goes some way to creating an industry-standard platform, which is a boon for customers and developers.

The new platform allows for 3D video, MPEG-DASH support for smoother video streaming, and DRM standards for third-party content owners.

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