Palm Pre vs. Samsung Instinct

I think it's about time I write my comparison post. I've had the Pre a while now and I've officially said goodbye to the Instinct.

I think it's about time I write my comparison post. I've had the Pre a while now and I've officially said goodbye to the Instinct. I could call it a bunch of bad names now and not have to worry about it throwing a fit and refusing to work...

Not that it ever needed any encouragement.

The past year of my life has been filled with ups and downs in our relationship. For the first month or two I loved the Instinct. Coming from a flip-phone that had very basic capabilities, I felt empowered with the Instinct. I could surf the web (somewhat) and take halfway decent photos. I also thought the media player would be a big deal, but soon realized it was a pain to get music on the phone and wasn't worth the trouble.

The lack of JavaScript abilities as well as flash made for a very poor web experience. Often I couldn't use login forms for email accounts and I'd get frustrated. While I continued to love the camera the rest of my grand hopes were quickly crushed.

Within months the Instinct began to lock up, mid task. Typing away on a text message, and BAM! lock-up. I'd have to sit and wait around 20 seconds for it to allow me to type another letter. This got to be very annoying...

I also found myself missing a real keyboard. The Instinct's onscreen keyboard is fairly accurate but that "fairly accurate" goes for everything relating to the touch screen. Clicking on links proved frustrating.

After a month with the Pre I'm still satisfied. I have no plans to ditch it after this review! In fact, I'm addicted to it and am finding new things to love every day.

The Palm Pre takes great photos, has an amazingly accurate touch screen, and hasn't locked up even once. I'm getting to be really fast on the keyboard and will soon have carpel tunnel in my thumbs... (hopefully not! haha)

A big difference for me is size. The Instinct was a little thinner, but much longer and a bit heavier. I could not put it in a front pocket of my jeans, and was forced to put it in the back, meaning there were times I accidentally sat on it. The Pre is small enough to, and with it's rounded stone-like shape to help it slide in, fit right in my front pocket. No more worrying about sitting on my life-line.

Ah yes, and that good-for-nothing Instinct (why'd they call it that anyway?) didn't have apps!!!!


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