Palm Pre & Touch Pro Face Off

This is a little test that I decided to partake in. my results are below in the pictures and the description.

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day, had fun, and were safe. Before going to the fireworks I had the thought of battery life between my HTC Touch Pro And My Palm Pre. (Thanks again to Sprint, CNET, and Palm) Being a user that needs a battery to last under harsh conditions this is a very important factor on what device will be active on my account. Being a Windows Mobile fanatic I must admit it's weird being a noob again. The operating system just keeps getting better as I find new features throughout the device. Per examples, the g-sensor is very accurate and smooth unlike my Touch Pro which can be choppy at points if multiple processes are running in the background. The light sensor just amazes me, when my phone falls asleep i can just hold my hand over the ear piece than move to turn the device on. The sensor is also great since when you put the phone to your face it automatically turns the screen off so the user doesn't get buttons pressed. (when removed from your face the light turns back on.) Without further ado here are the results from my little test, and remember that these results are with both phones at 1 bar of service and calling eachother from a full 100%charge. As you can see both devices are at 100% battery life:

Matthew Lutker

After 20 minutes battery life for both devices was at 90%
Matthew Lutker

After 60 minutes the Palm Pre had 74% while the Pro only had 60%
Matthew Lutker

After 1 hour 42 minutes the Pre was at 56% while the Touch Pro was at 40%
Matthew Lutker

After 2 hours 25 minutes the Pre was at 40% battery while the Touch Pro was at 5% and giving warning about low battery.
Matthew Lutker

Finally the ending time as the icing on the cake
Matthew Lutker

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