Palm OS apps make their way to the iPhone

Palm OS apps make their way to the iPhone

SplashID, SplashShopper and SplashMoney, collectively a series of popular Palm OS applications, are making their way to the iPhone's AppStore.


SplashID is a popular secure password manager that is currently available on a large number of handheld devices. Retail pricing for the application has been set at $30; if such pricing carries over to the iPhone, SplashID will be one of the most expensive titles yet-announced for the AppStore.

According to Splashdata?s blog: "SplashID for iPhone is about ready to launch, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek. It's definitely the best looking version of SplashID we've ever created, and it works really smoothly and quickly. A bunch of you have asked why we have had to wait so long, and the answer is we're waiting for Apple to launch its App Store so that we can make SplashID and other applications available. As many of you know, the only way to distribute official apps for the iPhone will be through Apple's own App Store."/p>

A full feature list is available.


SplashShopper is a list manager that is also available on a large number of handheld devices. It's also listed at $30, though iPhone-specific pricing hasn't been announced. You can find a complete feature list for the currently selling versions here.



SplashMoney is a personal finance manager made popular on the Palm OS that offers two way syncing between the desktop and hand-held devices Online banking transactions can be downloaded to either desktop or hand held. It allows for budgeting and chart creation. You can schedule transactions, reminders, etc.

Like the other Splash Apps, SplashMoney is priced at $30.

UPDATE: We've received a note from SplashData regarding pricing for SplashMoney:

"It's not official yet, but we are leaning toward charging $9.95 for the handheld client (which will be sold through the App Store)"

A complete feature list for the currently selling versions is available.

If you or anyone else you know is porting Pocket PC, Palm OS, or other handheld device Apps to the iPhone we want to know about it at


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