Paintball tank will terrorize your neighbors

For only $14,400, you can customize one that will fit in the garage.

This may come as a surprise to non-enthusiasts, but paintball tanks have been around for years. Yet most of them aren't exactly street legal, and many look like some DIY project right out of Mad Max.

The "Paintball Panzer" from Funtrak provides the best of all worlds. Not only does it subdue the enemy just like full-size armored vehicles, but this mini-tank will also fit in the garage without sacrificing key features, such as an engine firefall, rollover bar and roll cage, according to BornRich.

It also resembles the real thing and can be customized in your choice of six colors--and all for just $14,400. Funtrak says it takes about three months to build each machine to your specs, however, so time is running out if you want one by Christmas.

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