PageMaker 6.5 troubleshooting

PageMaker 6.5 troubleshooting

If you update to PageMaker 6.5, be sure to study the Read Me file that comes with it. There are some important troubleshooting issues covered there. Here are two particularly noteworthy examples:

a. If you use System 7.5.3, there is a conflict between Adobe Type Manager 4.0 and the Apple LaserWriter 8.4.0, 8.4.1, and 8.4.2 drivers: your system may crash when you attempt to change a printer in the Chooser. To solve this, use a different driver or use Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.0.

b. Most Fax drivers require you to use the Setup option in the PageMaker Print dialog box to select phone numbers, fax quality, and other options. If you do not do so, your fax may not be transmitted or may be transmitted using incorrect settings, or you may experience a system error.
Global Village GlobalFax software: When you select the Open Other option in the GlobalFax Addresses pop-up menu, your system will crash when you access the address book using the Setup option in the PageMaker Print dialog box. Open the address book in any other application to make it available in the pop-up menu when faxing from PageMaker.


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