PageMaker 6.5 and using Adobe Illustrator files

PageMaker 6.5 and using Adobe Illustrator files

David Nelson reports a problem with using PageMaker 6.5 new capability to read Adobe Illustrator files in "native format." The problem is that the AI graphic "balloons in size" when placed in PageMaker 6.5. When he contacted Adobe about this, they confirmed the problem, suggesting that there are bugs in the AI import filter and that a new version will likely be needed.

Update: Rodney Sigmon writes: "One reason that native Illustrator files seem to be larger when placed in PageMaker has to do with the preview. Unlike EPS files, a PICT preview is not saved with native AI files. When placing AI native files in PageMaker AND having PM create a preview, those files will become much large, especially since PM doesn't support 1-bit previews, only 8-bit or better previews. If you're concerned about file sizes, saving the file from Illustrator as an EPS with a 1-bit preview may be a better option."

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