Pac-Man never dies

Yahoo and Nokia announce an extended partnership, Sony releases a bodacious laptop, and Pac-Man will stick around on Google in perpetuity.

Yahoo and Nokia announced an extended partnership in New York today. The companies hosted a fancy press conference at the New York City NASDAQ for news that is relatively unfancy.

The news is that Yahoo will power mail, chat, and maps in Nokia devices . That's nice I suppose. It will have somewhat of an impact on developing countries and overseas where Nokia phones are popular.

The bigger news is what Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said as a non sequitur during the event: that Yahoo products will get more social features integrated in the next few weeks.

Yahoo has experimented with social features inside Mail but the company has yet to make a splash in social media. Yahoo is good at one-to-one communication such as Messenger and Mail, but not so good at one-to-many communication like Facebook or Twitter.

What Yahoo does have is a humongous userbase, most of whom know how to use social networking. If the company can successfully leverage that userbase, it could succeed as a social meeting place. It would take a lot of attention grabbing though, which would necessitate way more cool points than Yahoo has these days.

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