Oven steams in a microwave

The Viking VCSO210SS Combi-Steam/Convect Oven offers an all-in-one solution for home chefs. Combining a microwave with a steam convection oven gives users a great range of versatility.

The overachieving oven can be used on the countertop or installed as a built-in.
The overachieving oven can be used on the countertop or installed as a built-in. Viking

The more versatile a kitchen appliance is, the more highly regarded it may be. And rightly so: space-saving devices are not only convenient, but they also have the capability to increase efficiency. The age of being able to get more cooking done with only a press of a button was heralded in by the microwave. Usually however (except for the clock), the microwave doesn't do much else.

The Viking VCSO210SS Combi-Steam/Convect Oven combines an oven with a microwave and throws in the capability to steam cook for good measure. Featuring a slick, non-cluttered control panel, the oven can cook what you want, how you want to cook it -- with no need to root about in the cupboard for a specialty appliance.

There are four main cooking modes: steam, steam/convection, convection, and microwave. The mode is selected via a simple push of a button, which then maps available functions to the dial underneath. Preset cooking modes can be selected (steam, steam/convection, and microwave), giving users the opportunity to select cooking modes for diverse items such as bone-in chicken or frozen pizza. The capability to cook manually is available in all modes.

The versatility of the appliance extends to installation. Designed to be used on a countertop, or as a built-in via an optional kit, the multitasking oven looks to be a fixture of the kitchen, no matter where you decide to put it.

Via Appliancist

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