Ouch! iPhone torture tests include slo-mo action

Early iPhone 5S and 5C adopters are eagerly subjecting the smartphones to torture. Do the new iPhones take a licking and keep on ticking?

iPhone 5S with a bullet wound
This iPhone 5S has met its maker. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Most people get a new iPhone and take great care with it, buy it a fancy case, and coddle it. Others take the opportunity to test the new phone's mettle with a series of horrific trials involving water, drops, and 50-caliber bullets.

Every new iPhone model, apparently, must run this time-honored gauntlet of despair. Enjoy some of the latest examples of the genre, including some delightful slow-motion footage.

RatedRR gets us kicked off with some normal torture tests, like dropping the iPhone 5S into a water bowl and onto the ground. It doesn't fare too well with a short drop onto dirt. Things really get exciting when the RatedRR team pulls out a 50-caliber Barrett M82A1 rifle and takes aim. You can guess what happens next.

Android Authority seems to be enjoying itself with its gleeful chest-height drop tests of both the 5S and the 5C. The 5S holds up pretty well, but the plastic-shelled 5C is more of an unknown quantity. The back seems sturdy, but the screen has problems with the hard-surface landing.

ItsAllonFilm delivers a more whimsical torture test by taking the iPhone 5S through a playground. The smartphone gets a workout going down slides and taking swing rides. Not surprisingly, it doesn't make for a good tetherball partner.

This compilation of slo-mo iPhone destruction from Jeremiah Warren may be one of the most beautiful phone-torture tests ever filmed. The 120fps footage was captured using an iPhone 5S. It follows the mishaps of two other iPhones as they take a dip in soda, are covered in peanut butter and licked by a dog, get grilled, and are finally lit on fire.

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